All local (Poland) and abroad shipments are delivered by the DPD courier service.

Main features:

This type of delivery is:

1. comfortable - the shipment is delivered straight to your door;
2. close - optionally, the parcel can be picked up from ParcelShops points;
3. safe - you can track your shipment;
4. quick - delivery in Poland within 24-48h, abroad within 2-8 working days;
5. convenient - after a failed delivery you can redirect the shipment to another address;
6. flexible - thanks to the free app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can be constantly informed about the shipment, you can search for a ParcelShop or redirect the package to another address.

How to use this option?

1. Add the product you want to buy to the basket and go to the preview (by clicking the basket icon in the upper right corner). 
2. Select "DPD courier" as the method of delivery.
3. Select one of the available payment methods. 
4. Check your data and click the "PROCEED WITH ORDER" button to move to the next step.
5. Enter the shipment address and click on "GO TO SUMMARY"
6. If all the data are correct, click "ORDER AND PAY". If you selected "on-line payment" as the payment method, you will be redirected to the transaction service to make payment for your purchases. In other cases, this step will be skipped.
7. Wait for a confirmation e-mail.

What to do to make sure my shipment gets to me without any problems?

Make sure you give the correct address at which the person who can receive the shipment can be found during the day. If you are away from home between 9 am – 5 pm, we suggest you choose the address of the place in which you can be found during this time (e.g. your work address). 
The place of delivery should be available for mini buses, which transport the shipment. Roads available only for off-road vehicles, closed or residential areas may effectively prevent the delivery of your shipment. If the courier is not able to reach the place, you may be asked to come to the main road nearby. 
In the case of COD parcels, make sure you prepare the right amount of money for the parcel.

How to check where my parcel is?

Using the tracking number received from us, you can locate your parcel via:
a) the Internet – the shipment can be found here.
b) by calling the landline:   +48 22 577 55 55.

How does the delivery service work?

Couriers make every effort to ensure that the package is delivered straight into the hands of the person who ordered the items.
For security reasons the courier should not enter your apartment or private rooms. The delivery of the package should take place in front of your door. 

In the case of your absence: 

a) in the mailbox or on your front door you should find an attempted delivery notice, on which you will see the TrackID which will allow you to obtain further information on the DPD website;
b) the parcel may be left with a neighbour - but in such cases it must be preceded by a phone call to the courier and your agreement to such an arrangement; 
c) prepaid shipment can be delivered to the Parcel Shop located near the delivery address, where you will be able to pick it up personally (details can be found in the attempted delivery notice); 
d) after 2 unsuccessful delivery attempts, the package will go to the DPD subsidiary, where it will wait for the reception for the next 10 days. After that, the package will be returned to the sender. There is a possibility of the package being delivered for the third time however, an additional fee is added (the price of such a service is the same as the price of a standard delivery). In order to initiate such a service, please contact us.

How long will I have to wait for my shipment?

The package sent by the store is usually delivered on the next working day. In exceptional circumstances this period can be extended to 2 days.
The time of the delivery depends on the route the courier has to take that day to deliver all the packages. This means that the courier might appear at your place at in different times of the day. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for the package to be delivered at a specific time that would suit you. However, the courier will make every effort to fulfill your expectations in this area.

Is the courier going to call me before I receive my shipment?

Usually the courier will contact the recipients of the packages before the delivery, but there is no such obligation.

Can I check the contents of the shipment before I accept it?

The checking of the contents is possible after you confirm the collection of the package with your signature on the scanner. The courier cannot give you the parcel or allow you to open it before you confirm the collection of the package with your signature and (if applicable) pay for the parcel. At your request the courier might write a damage protocol, which is the basis for the potential complaint.

What am I supposed to do when the package delivered to me was damaged?

Depending on the level of damage, make a decision about the acceptance or refusal to accept the package. Fill in the protocol of damage with the courier immediately. Inform us of the damage. For this purpose, please contact us.

Can I change my delivery address after the shipment has been sent?

You can. For this purpose, please contact the customer service. If the package has already been delivered to the first address, the change of address could be associated with the need to re-pay for the shipping. The change of address could cause a delay in the delivery by 1-2 business days.